Sorry, email was down 😨


Hey friends,

Brilliant me decided to switch email newsletter providers a few weeks ago, switching from Mailchimp to ConvertKit (overall, a good decision.)

However, I completely forgot that I used Mandrill (Mailchimp’s email thingy) for this discussion forum. I closed my Mailchimp account and promptly murdered the forum’s ability to send emails.

Good news is, a very persistent wonderful person emailed me to let me know my forum wasn’t working and I was able to add a new email server as well as update everything so the forum software is back to being up to date. 🎉

To those that made new topics and then wondered why I didn’t respond — so sorry!

Anyways. Derp. Yay technology! At least it’s fixed now.


Oh cute, apparently emojis don’t work in subject lines.