Not able to see the name and description of my 'thing' properly


It seems like I might have made some error in ch 8 and I can no longer see my questions properly. I can see the description but not the name. When I click on the description I get an error that says TemplateDoesNotExist at /questions/reverse-string/

This is my repo:

Thanks in advance!


I don’t see a URL entry in your for that URL. :)

The code in the repo looks like from earlier chapters, maybe you haven’t pushed your latest code?

Let me know if that helps!


Oops! I guess I needed to push again. Mind checking now?


Awesome, I see the update.

Looks like you are missing an indentation here:

Try fixing that and let me know if the error changes!


Hmmm looks like there is no change :(


Push the update and I’ll check the code again! :)


oops sorry about that, done!


Your view says “question_detail.html” ( and your template is “questions_detail.html” (plural) :)


Oh thanks! So it allows me to click on the link (description) but I can’t see anything other than my home, about, and contact links. I’ll add some screenshots


I somehow fixed it by redoing ch8. Thanks!


You’re welcome!