New starter help-outs!


Ok, this is all good, got to the end of Chptr 3 and was about to begin the template exercises, then… fail.
On re-firing up Terminal, just can figure out what the start-up procedure is to open the project and start the localhost testing environment.
Clearly this is my own complete lack of comprehension, but it’s really frustrating having made a promising start! Appreciate any hints (and your forebearance!).


Hey there, happy to help!

Remember where you made the project? These are the steps to basically get started again:

  • In your terminal, cd (“change directory”) to where your project lives. This video might help you if you’re new to terminal stuff:
  • Once in your project folder, relaunch your virtual environment (the “bubble” that lives around your project making sure you only install things to just your project, not your entire computer) — the command for this is source venv/bin/activate (here’s the setup page again if you’d like to read over more explantions:
  • Once your virtualenv is activated, you can start your local server with python runserver
  • In your code editor (like Sublime Text), open up the files you need to change.

Once you do this a few times, it’ll become more natural. :) Let me know if there is any step that you need more help with!


Ah, perfect, that’s so helpful. Right, am off again!