Do I need to run migrate again?


I got to the “it worked” page I had to stop there and continue the next day. Obviously the next day I had the doubt of going again into a virtual environment. Well so far following the logic of that page is it like this? myhellowebapp has already hellowebapp and collection and venv so inside venv activated django was installed which means that without going to virtual environment django does not exist. Ok so i activate venv on myhellowebapp because it has the venv file with bin and django in it. Remember that I did all the steps the other day so my question do I need to execute “python migrate” again or should i go straight to “python runserver”. Well I just ran the last one without migrating and it worked. Also does this mean that the “migrate” command does not need to be called again? ever? for that virtual environment?


Hi there!

Whenever you’re working on your project, you should activate your environment (the venv command) and when you want to check what’s going on locally, you need to have runserver going. :)

As for migrate, that needs to be run every time you make a change to There are a few chapters without changes so you don’t need to worry about that until you get to those chapters.

Hope that helps!


Hi and thank you for the prompt response, can’t wait to get to those chapters!!