Deferring Create Thing After Registration



If a User registers for the site, how can I let the user skip the create_thing process and come back to it later?


Good question!

What would be your ideal experience? Like… person comes to website, signs up, … then they get an email helping them sign up? Or an alert the next time they log in? Write out your ideal flow and I can brainstorm ideas with you. :)


I’m aiming for a real estate marketing app kind of like another well known $6B company with two main types of users: one for real estate agents who provide the listings (things) with pictures and the other for browsers in general who are just looking and who do not have permission to post things except to register.

So, firstly I would need to create some kind of partition between two types of users with two different registration views. The other thing would be to allow the real estate agents to skip the posting house view, and come back to it later. The problem now being once they register and decide to navigate to the contact section for example the view that allows them to post a thing disappears.

How would you go about something like this?

Thank you



I have a similar problem on WeddingLovely, as it’s two sided business (I have vendors with listings, and users who browse those listings).

It would make things a lot easier if you didn’t require users to create an account to browse (that’s how WeddingLovely started). So then you would only need an account for agents and you could go through the regular Hello Web App process. It’s something you could still add later, and doing this would be a better/easier MVP to start building your company. :)

If you need both… it would get very complicated. You’d probably need two different Django apps under your project (to separate the two sides of your business) and two different registration/login pages. Design-wise this’ll be hard as you’d have to make sure this is clear on your website.

I’d highly encourage you to go the easier/faster route and only require accounts for agents if possible so you can get your MVP launched and start growing. :)