Can't start virtual environment! Issue with anaconda


after typing pip install virtualenv into terminal:
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): virtualenv in /anaconda/lib/python3.5/site-packages

after typing virtualenv venv into terminal:

Using base prefix '//anaconda’
New python executable in /Users/rhnock/projects/myhellowebapp/venv/bin/python
ERROR: The executable /Users/rhnock/projects/myhellowebapp/venv/bin/python is not functioning
ERROR: It thinks sys.prefix is ‘/Users/rhnock/projects/myhellowebapp’ (should be ‘/Users/rhnock/projects/myhellowebapp/venv’)
ERROR: virtualenv is not compatible with this system or executable


I used this link and it worked for me:


Thank you – this was very helpful. But now I’m stuck trying to install Django. Following the format indicated in the eResearch link, I entered the following in the command line:

conda install -n venv django==1.9.6

But receive the following error:

PackageNotFoundError: Package not found: ‘’ Package missing in current osx-64 channels:

  • django ==1.9.6

You can search for packages on with

anaconda search -t conda django

What is the correct command I should enter? Thanks!


Sounds like django 1.9.6 may not be available in the repository. Try leaving off the “==1.9.6” to install the latest version.