Can I create an app that I use only on my computer?


Hello! I’m just starting out with Django. For my first web app, I’d like to create a personal contact list. Since it’s only for use by me, is there a way that I can run the final web app locally (i.e., without deploying to Heroku) in a way that doesn’t require me to run python runserver each time? I’m thinking that this isn’t possible, but just wanted to ask. Thanks for your help!


Yeah, unlike HTML/CSS/JS, where your browser can read the code, browsers need a server running to read Python/Django. So you would need to start the local server every time to run the web app locally.

Or, if you don’t need the browser/front-end portion, you can write code that you just execute from the command line (you wouldn’t need to run runserver, but you would need to run the command).

Hope that helps. :)


Okay, thanks for your help!