Adding new app to settings profile


Trying to set everything up with adding the settings file below and I am stuck.
I tried to open the settings file and it comes up unable to view the file, as no application for viewing is known. Cause for the latter: The enviroment variable EDITOR is not set.

I am using a macbook pro
Thanks for the help

‘collection’, # this is the app we added


Huh. Are you using Linux on your Macbook Pro?

What’s your normal editor for files?


Havent really used a text editor yet I guess I need to download one whoops any suggestions on a good one


I am also not using linux as well. I just need some ideas on how to get it set up.


Try Sublime Text!

Once you have it downloaded and installed, open it up and then open up your project folder (I believe the option in Sublime is called “Open folder,” though I might be wrong) and you should see all the files and would be able to open them individually. Let me know if you run into any additional issues!