Hi every,, the question about the deploying django


I am trying hard and many times using nginx uwsgi,or nginx gunicorn,to deploying simple django project ,but fail every time,does any one knows how to deploying the django project,when I try nginx and uwsgi,when I try nginx and gunicorn,both are faill,and no idea ^ ^


Are you using the Hello Web App book? Can you please explain what you’ve done and what errors you’ve gotten in more detail?


I just deploying it using uwsgi and xml successfully, the HWA book it use waitress and deploy the web site on Heroku,however I use nginx uwsgi and aws,may be I will try deploying use waitress and Heroku later


Unfortunately I can only really help re: Hello Web App stuff. :( Maybe try StackOverflow?


it’s ok,I have learn many things from HWA book ^ ^ ,thank you